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Sustainable Fishing

Sustainable Fishing

A major report issued in October 2007 by the United Nations Environment Program warned of a global collapse by 2050 of all large species of fish, should industrial fishing around the world continue at its current pace. The report stated that 30% of all fish stocks are now classed as collapsed due to overfishing. 72% of our planet is comprised of oceans, yet less than ½ a percent is protected.

Over the past 20 years, we as humans have methodically and unscrupulously drained the great abundance of our oceans, leaving them a virtual desert. 90% of the great fish are gone. Fish simply don't stand a chance against line-fishing (millions of miles of hooked nets) and trawling, destructive practices that are responsible for millions of pounds of bycatch (the incidental deaths of millions of marine life that are not even used). The situation is so bad that the scientific community agrees what is coming within the next half-century is a total destruction of catastrophic proportions, similar to the eradication of the dinosaurs - only this time, man will be responsible.

How You Can Help

By making intelligent food choices and voting for the establishment of global marine preserves that allow fish to rebound, we can reclaim our oceans and allow them to replenish, returning to the rightful domain of unbelievable wildlife.

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