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Alex Chantecaille

Alex Chantecaille

As Vice President of Sales and Promotions, Alex Chantecaille heads the international team of sales managers and travels the world to implement the company's strategic marketing initiatives and conducts training of Chantecaille staff.

With a degree in Art History from Barnard College, a French background and time spent living in other countries such as Mexico and Italy, Alex has a first-hand knowledge of foreign cultures and languages; she is currently learning her fifth.

She shares her deep connection to nature with her parents. What started at an early age as a love of the outdoors and activities such as surfing and hiking has evolved into a passion for environmental causes, especially ocean conservation and fish sustainability.

Travels to Costa Rica, Belize and the Dominican Republic further enhanced her knowledge of conservation efforts and needs on a local level. As a result, Alex is closely affiliated with all of the company's philanthropic efforts and corporate contributions to such organizations as the Pew Institute for Ocean Science and IUCN. Alex not only educates her team and clients on the healing products of Chantecaille, but also participates in talks on conservation and the importance of ocean preservation.

Alex spearheaded the project "High Sea Gems" catalog with IUCN, resulting in the nomination of 10 diverse locations within international water to be considered for protection. One of the recommended locations, the Sargasso Sea, is currently being considered by the UN as a potential marine reserve.

Chantecaille is currently working closely with Marine Conservation Institute to support their efforts to protect 10% of the Ocean by the year 2020. To learn more, visit